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june 9 in the morning, the light district party committee politics and law committee, vice secretary of cao qingjun led to visit shenzhen utility energy co., ltd to visit investigation, district bureau of industrial informatization, regional, municipal bureau of human resources bureau of administration of bright light administration bureau, the municipal planning bureau, district power supply bureau, phoenix street, martin street accompanied by relevant personnel in charge. fei weiqun, general manager of the company and the general manager participated in the reception.


at the meeting, general manager fei welcomed the visiting leaders and expressed his sincere gratitude to the government for caring about the growth of enterprises and solving their problems. general manager fei first reported to secretary qing jun about the development of the company in the past two years. under the care and guidance of governments at all levels, although the company encountered difficulties such as the epidemic situation and soaring raw materials, the company overcame all difficulties and made concerted efforts. during the epidemic period, the output value of the company not only did not decline, but steadily increased and made great progress. the preparation for listing has also reached the sprint stage, and the development of new products and new projects are gradually carried out according to the plan.


at the same time, general manager fei put forward some problems encountered in the development and enterprise demands to secretary qing jun, and put forward suggestions on how to do the company's development work in the next step, which requested the government to attach importance to and give strong support.


secretary qing jun attached great importance to the opinions and suggestions put forward by the enterprise, and asked all departments attending the meeting to provide solutions on the spot to effectively promote the solution of the problem. each department gives a positive response to the problems raised by the enterprise, such as land use, talent room, enrollment, transportation, electricity consumption, respectively, and communicates with the corresponding person in charge of the enterprise on the spot to solve the problem, and maintains communication after the meeting to solve the problems encountered by the enterprise.



secretary qingjun also welcomed the company to participate in the subsequent enterprise symposium organized by the district committee and government, and we made positive suggestions and suggestions to seek common development and contribute to the construction of a better and brighter. the investigation will end in a happy atmosphere. through this investigation, the communication betweenvariousindustrialdepartmentsandfrontline enterprises has been strengthened and good results have been achieved.

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