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on august 11, by the china electrical equipment industry association, the number of wisdom in cdcc information technology research institute, china investment association professional committee of energy investment, support the emergency power equipment industrial association branch of china internal combustion engine, long high exhibition (shanghai) co., ltd., to undertake the 11th shanghai s - 2022 energy storage exhibition was held in nanjing international expo center!


the exhibition covers an area of nearly 30,000 square meters with more than 300 exhibitors. during the exhibition, the organizer with "new type of power system, promote the double carbon targets in focus" as the theme, organized "the third china data center green energy conference", "2022 rural revitalization and development of green energy fusion bbs" and other series of activities, promote the whole industry chain, the whole value chain of information interaction and integration cooperation, promote the "double chain integration", we will facilitate the high-quality development of the new energy industry.


in this exhibition, many upstream and downstream enterprises of energy storage industry chain made a wonderful appearance. shenzhen power stack energy co., ltd. also carried a number of products at the exhibition.


gnz energy is a wholly-owned subsidiary of shenzhen yutli energy co., ltd., headquartered in shenzhen, china, with a construction area of 240,000 square meters in shenzhen and ji 'an industrial park. currently, gnz energy employs more than 2,200 people, with a daily output of 1.2 million lithium batteries, 350,000 packaged products and 200,000 amh power batteries. at present, it is one of the new lithium battery manufacturers with large investment scale, independent intellectual property rights and international advanced technology level.


our products have been widely used in 3c consumption, intelligent hardware, electric vehicles, energy technology, intelligent manufacturing and other fields, and have been sold in more than 20 countries. the company has professional scientific research personnel, complete industrial layout, advanced production equipment, and standardized production process, we are committed to providing odm/oem services for world famous brands and large chain stores. currently, our products are exported to north america, europe, southeast asia and other global markets, and we have established long -term cooperation with walmart, energizer, audi, ravpower, bestbuy and other international well-known brands.


on the first day, the popularity exploded, and visitors came to light up the whole audience.


less than one hour after the exhibition, the crowd surged and exploded. the portable energy storage products of shaped energy stack, with its excellent appearance and exquisite design, became the focus of the exhibition.
at the exhibition, the staff of poly stack explained patiently for each customer. the super performance and excellent quality of portable energy storage of shaped energy stack can answer all kinds of questions raised by them, and walk into the hearts of every customer.


at the exhibition, the series of products brought by poly stack became a beautiful landscape. these mobile energy storage power stations are not only wellmade, but also widely used, attracting a large number of professionals and outdoor enthusiasts. the audience highly recognizes the portable energy storage of shaped energy storage, believing that they will play an important role in outdoor tourism, outdoor fishing, emergency rescue and other fields, with broad market prospects.


in this exhibition, shaped energy stack exhibited a full range of productsfrom300wh2000wh, covering various systems of lithium iron phosphate and ternary materials, and can achieve -40 degree discharge. in the technology is reliable, stable, advanced at the same time, the product matrix is very powerful, optional is very rich.


regardless of product or exhibition hall design, juneng stack does not forget the ingenuity, every square meter of careful carving, just to ensure the ultimate experience of every visitor.


shaped stack of adhering to the "open, altruism, and win-win" core values, dedicated to "take green energy into everyone, every family, every organization, help the global sustainable development" of the mission, with "become the most trusted users worldwide green energy stack" vision, perseverance to try to deal with the global climate crisis.

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