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the difference between polymer lithium-ion battery and ordinary battery lies in electrolyte. solid polymer electrolytes were used in the initial design in the 1970s. this kind of electrolyte is similar to plastic film. it can not conduct electrons, but can exchange ions (rechargeable atoms or clusters of atoms). polymer electrolyte replaces the traditional porous membrane soaked in electrolyte. the design of dry polymer electrolyte allows simplified assembly, improves the mechanical strength of the battery, is safe, and can be manufactured into an ultra-thin geometric shape. the thickness of a single battery can be as thin as 1mm. equipment designers can freely design the shape and size of batteries according to their imagination. unfortunately, solid-state polymer lithium-ion batteries are subject to their poor conductivity. the internal resistance is too high to provide the high pulse current required by the current communication equipment and cannot drive the hard disk of the computer. when the battery is heated to 60, the conductivity increases rapidly, but this condition is not suitable to apply on portable devices.

as a compromise, some gel electrolytes are introduced. most of the mobile phone polymer lithium ion batteries sold in the market are mixed batteries containing gel electrolyte. lithium ion polymer is used to modify the system, making it the only polymer power supply for portable devices.

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