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for power utility companies achieve strategic objectives, to meet customer products for electrostatic protection requirement, can more effectively solve a series of problems caused by electrostatic discharge damage, reduce costs and import system, comprehensive grasp of the relevant departments system esd related knowledge, understand the latest esd standard and test method, the main planning esd related training, specially invited the famous consulting and training enterprise- dongguan weikeduo enterprise management consulting co., ltd gold lecturer chen laibing to visit our company for a two-day training.

date: may 23-24, 2022.

location: training room, 3rd floor, utley headquarters.

training topic: esd s20.20 electrostatic discharge system knowledge.

the main contents of this training include: basic knowledge of esd, introduction of international standards of esd, standard technology and testing requirements of esd.

 the training departments include: general management office, administration department, engineering department, quality department, warehouse and flow department, production department and so on, covering all the functional departments related to the whole youteli company. on-site training and interaction, the number of more than 30 people.

at the beginning of the training, manager chen, the head of quality management center of our company, also actively participated in the training and made an opening speech, encouraging us to cherish the twoday golden training period, learn and understand the essence of the teacher's courseware, and put what we have learned into practice.the relevant management staff of our company conducted in-depth investigation and collected the difficult problems in the daily work of the company, formed a list of problems, consulted on the spot, and mr. chen patiently and carefully answered the questions. during the training, everyone actively interactive, enthusiastically spoke, the scene atmosphere was high, applause!teacher chen uses professional testing equipment to lead everyone to diagnose and point out the existing problems, and make suggestions for solutions.

through training, we fully understand the basic knowledge of esd, understand how to design the workspace to avoid the harm of static electricity, how to plan electrostatic protection area and classification, and materials for the product, how to reduce the production and processing process of electrostatic hazards, etc., so as to greatly improve the reliability of products, make the electrostatic protection work has qualitative improvement in the future.

after learning, we concluded the following methods for esd control in epa area.

1. define the protection level of the area

2. clearly define and identify the area

3. reliably ground all conductors in the area, including personnel

4. eliminate all unnecessary static electricity sources

5. apply the 12-inch rule

6. establishment of esd protection system documents

the training came to a successful end and was well received. however, this is just the beginning of the introduction of our training system. teachers will join our team to conduct onsite guidance testing and system building. we will continue to work hard to promote esd protection, continuous optimization, with high quality return customer trust!

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