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on the morning of january 6th, wang shaoxuan, party secretary of ji 'an, jiangxi province, led a team to visit the new industrial park project of youteli, accompanied by wang jisheng, chairman of youteli.

jiangxi ji 'an party secretary wang shaoxuan visited youteli new industrial park project

youteli new industrial park project is an offsite expansion project promoted by the municipal party committee and the municipal government to implement the deployment of "old trees grow new branches". the project covers an area of 89 mu, with a total construction area of 120,000 square meters. the project will be started in november 2020, and will be fully put into operation in july 2022. after reaching the production standard, it can daily produce 200,000 aluminum shell lithium ion batteries, 400,000 polymer lithium ion batteries and 400,000 cylindrical 18650 batteries, with an annual output value of more than 5 billion yuan. to become a highend lithium battery industry base integrating consumer electronics, power and energy storage.

the project has the following characteristics:

first, the product category is complete. the products cover four major fields of 3c digital consumer lithium battery, internet of vehicles application lithium battery, wearable device battery, cylindrical 18650 power lithium battery, with a wide range of application scenarios and broad market prospects.

second, the product performance is good. the products have high energy density, good cycle performance, low self-discharge rate, high safety, excellent environmental applicability and other excellent performance.

third, the industrial chain is improved. the project has a scientific and complete production process from cell production to pack and related inspection and testing, forming a relatively complete industrial chain of lithium battery production.

 enterprise production workshop

city leader wang shaoxuan visited the new industrial park, pointed out that the energy base should continue to explore to make new contributions to the city. in view of the development problems reflected by the base, he encouraged the base to make further efforts to improve the overall pattern, strengthen communication and docking, and work with relevant departments to find solutions and solve problems. at the same time, he asked youtelli new industrial park to improve service quality, promote and guarantee the industry to create greater economic and social benefits.

focusing on the optimization of lithium battery technology, the company independently develops partially automated and semiautomated production and testing systems to ensure product consistency. with good cost performance and resource integration advantages, utley has grown steadily and rapidly, becoming the fastest growing enterprise in china's battery industry in recent years. in terms of management system, the company has obtained iso9001 quality system certification, iso14001 environment system certification, and obtained a number of patents of research and development technology and process technology. the whole series of products have passed ul and ce certification. in 2009, jiangxi province awarded a number of honors such as provincial new energy technology research and development center. with the attitude of pursuing excellence, youteli creates a new energy era famous for perfect quality, takes the lead in china's battery industry, and strides forward towards the world's firstclass battery enterprise.

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