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time flies, andin the golden autumn of august, its serendipity that brought us together, and accompanying makes us laugh. utl employees birthday party makes memory full of joy. we remember each other s faces in laughter and paint happy pictures in our minds. at five on the afternoon of august 6th, we welcome warm and happy birthday party of employees again.

the theme of birthday party is still blessing and sharing, which presents companys humanistic care. employees can feel the warmth of home, and strengthen teamwork spirit.

when the birthday party begins, hr director wang heng expresses his most sincere birthday wishes for august life stars, wish you all the best and good health in career and life! hope the beauty of the world is linked tight to you! happy birthday!

after the hosts humorous prologue, life stars join in the funny games.

when games finish, three life stars win and take the prizes.

after games, everyone sings a birthday song together, lights candles and makes good wishes. life stars share the delicious birthday cake in joy and laughter, and receive their birthday gifts and exquisite card. the feeling of home makes people warm and cozy.

the august birthday party come to a successful conclusion.

august employees birthday party promotes colleagues relationship and friendship. we are believed that through utl members joint effort, we will create a harmonious, friendly, united and diligent team, build the home full of warmth, love and care, and practice the enterprise spirit forge ahead and be bold in scaling heights. wish all families start safe and sound all year round, live happily and work smoothly in future.

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