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in order to deepen understanding between members, guangming youth entrepreneurs association holds the forth resources sharing from all walks of life   working together- member exchange meeting in shenzhen utility energy co., ltd, aiming to share main business and product introduction of their own enterprises, to promote member enterprises resources docking and sharing and to help their companies develop harmoniously and stably.

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chief officer on duty    vice general manager

attending leader        executive vice president   deng zhiqinmai guozhi

secretary-general& xinhu sub-committee president   zhong huimin

sharing enterprise       shenzhen utility energy co., ltd


young entrepreneurs introduce their own enterprises and projects, and share their entrepreneurial history, gains and problems in the entrepreneurial process. relevant professionals give valuable suggestions according to the situation of each youth entrepreneur, and answer their questions. this activity has created a good atmosphere of sharing resources and promoting exchanges.

the forth resources sharing from all walks of life   working together- member exchange meeting comes to a successful conclusion. participants have said that they have benefited a lot from this visit and exchange.through this communication and study, everyone has a deeper understanding of the relevant knowledge of entrepreneurship and employment, has more confidence in devoting to entrepreneurial practice, and shows the life value better in social construction. in the next issue, we will continue to provide an exchange and learning platform for member enterprises, and help each company develop sustainably and well. let's continue to meet next time, be there or be square!

shenzhen utility energy co., ltd.
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