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             on june 15, 2022, the shenzhen bureau of industry and information technology issued a "about the 2021 shenzhen specialization," new "list of small and mediumsized enterprises of the public notice, through strict review, shenzhen utility energy co., ltd., with 16 years in the deepening the development of new energy industry advantage for success, become one of the 2928 companies approved, won the honorary title of "specialized, special and new" enterprise in shenzhen in 2021.

"specialized, special and new" small and mediumsized enterprises refer to those with the advantages of specialization, refinement, characteristic and novelty. although these enterprises are small in scale, they have their own "unique skills" and have a certain say in the industrial chain, similar to invisible champions. to a large extent, "specialization, specialization and innovation" is a sharp tool to solve the "stuck neck" problem. most of them aim at the "niche market", establish competitive advantages in the field of segmentation, and can effectively connect the "break point" and dredge the "blocked point" of the industrial chain. because of its strong innovation ability and good growth, it has become the basic force to improve the stability and competitiveness of the industrial chain and supply chain. its growth can strengthen and forge chains, and promote china's intelligent manufacturing to move to the middle and high end of the global value chain. it can also promote the gradual integration of the domestic industrial chain into the global innovation chain, creating more opportunities and gaining greater initiative.

this honor is not only the affirmation of youteli's adherence to the development path of "specialization, specialization and innovation" and its continuous improvement of core competitiveness, but also the further expansion of its innovative ideas and brand influence.

gradient cultivation of small and medium-sized enterprises

youteli is a hightech enterprise integrating research and development, production and sales of lithiumion cells, batteries and power batteries. in 2006, it was established in guangming, shenzhen, and in 2007, it built a factory in jian 'an. shenzhen hejian industrial park covers a floor area of 210,000 square meters and currently has more than 3,000 employees, with a daily output of 800,000 lithium batteries, 350,000 packaged products and 200,000 ampere hours of power batteries. as the practitioner of the development route of "specialization and innovation", utley has been focusing on the research and development, design, manufacturing and sales of lithium ion batteries, lithium polymer batteries and 18650 cylindrical batteries, providing customers with flexible and reliable one-stop power solutions.

 utley qualification

utley honors

with lithium battery as the core, and consumer electronics, small power tools, portable energy storage power supply as the application fields, the company has set up a technology research and development center, focusing on the development and manufacturing of lithium cell and battery for more than 10 years, providing more than 1 billion lithium battery products with high reliability for domestic and foreign customers.

in the future, youteli will continue to take "specialized and special new" as the development direction, "integrity and winwin, concentration, lean, pragmatic, innovation and truth" as the core values, and constantly improve and polish products, with science and technology to drive intelligent manufacturing.

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